Next Chapter of Life (2016)
Back Home EP (2017)

Back Home EP takes you on a journey back to my city New Orleans, but it also takes you back to the essence of true Hip-Hop. This project mainly focuses on staying true to the art form, elevating the culture, and paying homage to those who paved the way for emcees like myself to be here. Blessing you with thought provoking lyrics over jazzy instrumentation, Back Home EP is filled with deep messages that inspire listeners to stay true to the art. Salute to all the real emcees, DJ's, graffiti writers, b boys, b girls, and that last element that holds it all together, the knowledge. 

My first album Next Chapter of Life was inspired and influenced by the Dead Prez Lets Get Free album. That album had such a huge impact on my life and sparked my mind to move and think different from the normal. I went through a transformation like brother Malcolm did when he started gaining knowledge of self. I break down a range of things on this album from systemic racism, prison industrial complex, police brutality, New Jim Crow, and many other topics that are still present today in these treacherous times. I wanted to stick to the true essence of Hip-Hop and the foundation started over the boom bap sound. I knew that my first album would sound like this and I don't regret any of it. A huge shout out to Dan Morze, DJ Evi Denz, ILL Conscious, and illa ills for their contributions to the album. My debut album Next Chapter of Life is a timeless piece of art and I'm beyond grateful to share this with the world.

Dynamic Duo (2021)

Dynamic Duo is a collaborative project with me emceeing over one of my best friends Ollie Dodge beats. How this whole album came together is an incredible story. I met Ollie in front of a bar called El Tejano in North Hollywood, California. He saw me with my boom box in the front blasting beats and having a freestyle cypher with some dope emcees. After the freestyle cypher was finished, Ollie approached me and invited me to AMP Rehearsal studios just to vibe and record. When we got in the studio to record me and Ollie instantly clicked. It was like when Guru and DJ Premier got together to create those classic GangStarr albums. Ollie would always send me home with beats and I would have a song ready by the next day. Before we knew it we had so many tracks recorded and we decided to put this album together. This 20 track album is filled with incredible beats, rhymes, samples, and features. I'm really proud of this body of work and feel it will be considered as an underground gem. Shout out to Harry Mack, A-F-R-O, Noveliss, Kid Abstrakt, Kidd Da Great, Bekah Boo, Mixx, and Austin Antoine for their contributions to the album. 

BE EP (2020)

BE EP is a collaborative project with me and the talented Goddess Brie Marie. A 5 track EP entirely produced by Yondo. Each track on the EP has its own unique vibe and message that brings listeners into our world. Two different styles of artistry coming together to create a vibe that is special. After releasing the music video for the "Frontlines" single, people demanded more music from us. Little did they know, we already had this EP on the way. The whole concept of this project is about self reflection through your journey of life and a reminder to always BE. When I say BE I mean BE inspiring, BE passionate, BE legendary, BE original, BE peaceful, BE wise, BE free, BE eternal, BE grateful, BE revolutionary, and most importantly, always BE you.